Queen Playlist

Here’s my Queen playlist:

Keep Yourself Alive  Queen I
Seven Seas Of Rhye  Queen II
In The Lap Of The Gods… Revisited  Sheer Heart Attack
Now I’m Here  Sheer Heart Attack
Stone Cold Crazy Sheer Heart Attack
Killer Queen  Sheer Heart Attack
’39 A Night At The Opera
You’re My Best Friend  A Night At The Opera
The Prophet’s Song  A Night At The Opera
Seaside Rendezvous A Night At The Opera
Good Company A Night At The Opera
Bohemian Rhapsody A Night At The Opera
Somebody To Love  A Day At The Races
Tie Your Mother Down (2)   A Day At The Races
We Will Rock You News Of The World
We Are The Champions  News Of The World
Sheer Heart Attack News Of The World
Spread Your Wings News Of The World
Bicycle Race  Jazz
Let Me Entertain You  Jazz
Fat Bottomed Girls Jazz
Another One Bites The Dust The Game
Dragon Attack The Game
Play The Game  The Game
Under Pressure  Hot Space
Radio Ga Ga  The Works
I Want To Break Free The Works
I’m Going Slightly Mad Innuendo
Innuendo  Innuendo
These Are The Days Of Our Lives  Innuendo

That is an amazing set list! A great body of work.

Incidently, my wife, who is Chinese, likes Queen better than any band I’ve introduced to her. Even The Beatles! Her percipient comment was, “They are a band that loves their power”.


One thought on “Queen Playlist

  1. As said before, they represent everything I detest in music and, if I could bring Mercury back from the grave, I would then personally strangle him with piano wire and then feed him and May to North Korean starving dogs.

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