Top Ten Mega Favourite Music Acts In The World Of All Time Ever

  1. Beatles
  2. Pink Floyd
  3. Kraftwerk
  4. Miles Davis
  5. Velvet Underground
  6. Sex Pistols
  7. Guns N’ Roses
  8. Boards Of Canada
  9. Joy Division
  10. Nick Drake
  11. Metallica
  12. Rolling Stones
  13. John Coltrane
  14. Mike Oldfield
  15. Nirvana
  16. Queen
  17. Pubic Image Limited
  18. Spiritualized
  19. Talking Heads
  20. Aphex Twin

Edit – added an 11-20.

I guess it really comes down to albums – though Queen, for example, have an strong list of classic tunes, their albums are a bit hit-and-miss, with only A Night At The Opera and The Game really consistent, I’d say; and their 80s stuff is pretty banal, to my ears.


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Mega Favourite Music Acts In The World Of All Time Ever

  1. Well, I could have asked ‘Who the f***” are Boards of Canada? But I went to Wikipedia to scratch that itch. I might still ask if you know how they came up with that crazy name.

    I’m a little surprised to find the Underground as low as number 5; and Pink Floyd at No. 2, given the very mixed feelings you’ve expressed about their oeuvre on here.

    And The Who were bubbling under at No. 11??

    Actually, given that Nirvana didn’t squeeze in here either, your 11-20 ranking might be interesting. You like Queen as well, don’t you? This is an impossible game!

    • I’ll have to do an 11-20 now…!

      Actually, in the grand scheme of things I don’t rate The Who *that* highly. I really only like Who’s Next and Live At Leeds (and I suppose the film of Quadrophenia), but their body of work isn’t so hot. Not even Top 20 for me. Nirvana was a tough miss, but I opted for the Sex Pistols for their greater influence and the sheer stunning joy of Never Mind The Bollocks.

      The thing that does strike me is – no women. (Apart from Mo Tucker).

      Boards of Canada’s name comes from “Film Boards of Canada”, where they took lots of early samples. I can’t recommend Music Has The Right To Children enough.

  2. Dear, Dear Mike. Your list is pure jailbait and I will hold a comment till I’m lucid.

    Other than William Mcllvaney/Laidlaw, I would be throwing coins at your football team.

    You must ask yourself: “am I a real member of the music cognoscenti”?

    That aside, hope you and your family are prospering.
    Best in 14

  3. I suppose you’re too young to have ‘got’ punk, experiencing it only later as a historical curiosity. Most people of my generation would tend to have bands like The Clash and The Jam and The Stranglers in a list like this. Or, my own personal favourites, The Boomtown Rats, who deserve canonisation for ‘Rat Trap’ alone. And then my greatest love during my college years were The Pogues.

    And I think you’re a bit harsh on Queen. Even their later stuff has its moments, and the ’70s was pretty solidly good. ‘Day At The Races’ is pretty near as marvellous as ‘Night At The Opera’, and ‘Sheer Heart Attack’ is arguably as good as either of them. ‘News of the World’ is a decent album, only suffering from comparison with the three colossal releases that preceded it. And their two-part debut ain’t half bad either.

    Your sexist bias is a bit unfortunate. Your main defence is probably that you’ve got a heavy bias towards bands, and female musicians more often work on their own. Aside from the jazz greats, Nick Drake and Mike Oldfield are the only two solo artists in your pantheon.

    I think I’d have to have Radiohead in my list. And CCR. And Fleetwood Mac. And (different band!) Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac. And (don’t laugh!) ELO. And AC/DC. And Thin Lizzy. And then a whole bunch of solo artists you ignore, kicking off with Joe Jackson – but also Thomas Dolby, Elvis Costello, Michelle Shocked, and a few others who slip my mind at the moment. And then you’ve got your ‘classics’ – Marley, Tosh, Joan Baez, Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell. And Tom Waits, first, last, and somewhere in the middle.

    And then, for me, a slew of old blues masters, led by Bill Broonzy and Elmore James.

  4. The only female artists I really like and listen to regularly are Bjork and Joni Mitchell. Though Patti Smith’s “Piss Factory” is amazing, I prefer UK punk to US/New York, so not her or Blondie (or Ramones, gabba-gabba-hey). The Stranglers were VERY close to getting listed, I really love their ferocious belligerence, but I think only Rattus and No More Heroes are good albums (bloody great at that, mind you).

    Don’t get me wrong, I do love Queen. They were the first band I ever got into, I still listen to them regularly. It’s just that after 25+ years, you get really familiar with them, and know and understand their weaknesses. “Hot Space”, “The Works” and “The Game” just don’t stand up to the 70s albums. Some good tunes in there, but… They’re one of the bands I tend to listen to on playlist rather than on album (like XTC).

    Bob Marley really should be in there, yeah, but I think that’s all I’d have from your list 🙂

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