All the best for 2013

Another year gone already! All the best to everyone for 2013 and beyond. May your music astonish you with its colour, your films stagger and surprise you, and your books enrich your grey matter.


4 thoughts on “All the best for 2013

  1. KT, old chap, I just tried to leave a comment over at your place, but find that I am locked out. Requiring readers to register on WordPress is A PAIN IN THE ARSE – impertinent bloody site keeps trying to sell me a premium blog service, doesn’t think any of my favoured passwords are secure enough, and claims that some interloper has already snagged the ‘Froog’ name (or rather, ‘froog’ – since these vile illiterates don’t recognise capital letters!). I’m afraid I gave up on the exercise.

    Just wanted to say…

    Thanks for the dedication of the Pete & Dud sketch – although I fear there’s an anti-Pommie jibe in there somewhere, an insinuation that we’re all disgusting little perverts at heart. It may be so…

    And yes, Michael Herr had a co-screenwriter credit on Full Metal Jacket, and a few lines of dialogue were lifted straight from Dispatches.

    I hope you notice this here. Best wishes for 2013!

    (And sorry to use you as a postman, Mike!)

  2. Mike. If you haven’t already, you must grab dvd The Miles Davis Story. Produced by Mike Dibb for Channel 4 Television.
    Interviews with Miles just before his death. You should find a detailed net review somewhere. Bloody brilliant.
    Watched it twice to date with a large bottle of ginger beer. Totally enjoyed both.
    The closest I got to him was seeing John McLaughlin soon after The Inner Mounting Light was released.

    Thanks FROOG
    Best to you in 2013 and whatever your new gig is.
    Better open a new site, me thinks. Valued conversations I enjoyed.
    I’m up on again today
    No, I actually saw the Pete and Dud sketch in its day on an old b/w Healing tv which stood on four legs.

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