Blog Sprucing

Added a new pic reflecting the blog’s more musical focus, and tagged posts to get a sense of the things I’ve been yabbering about. Not entirely satisfied, but it’ll do for now!


3 thoughts on “Blog Sprucing

  1. Nah, Mike. No thoughts, since I’m unprepared to step out of my sound comfort zone at the moment. Anyway, you know I have hatred in my heart for the Beatles. Conurrently, I have a preference for rootsier US sounds.

    Anyway, must get up a few more pieces on my site before friday next week when I go offline for sometime. That is until I sort out rural internet issues and that could take weeks or longer. Since i appear to be heading for a long period of rural idiocy, when i return here I hope to be a fully paid up member of the Russian fascist pantera fan club or something equally and totally god awful.

    BTW. Did you know that Marillon was the first band ever to finance an album and the required studio time by pre-selling access at a later date to the downloadable file.

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