To Work, Perchance To Blog

I feel bad about not weighing in on the excellent comments on the last few posts, but I’ve had a real busy time of late. First, I had extensive dad duties while our ayi was on holiday for Spring Festival (and a bit more besides). Man, kids take it out of you, huh? Second, as of Wednesday, I am now managing editor of Agenda magazine. It’s part of the Truerun stable that also produces the Beijinger and beijingkids, focusing on business lifestyle. I am very pleased to have this post and will doubtless be hard at work there now! But things should ease up a bit once I’ve settled in there.

I have so many ideas for posts, too! Underrated albums, the best ambient albums, UK vs. US punk, the Beats, an appreciation of E.M. Forster, Bass Lines II, something about British films… and so on. (Feel free to vote up or nominate anything you like).

I’ll try to get back on it as soon as. Keep on listenin’, meantime.


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