Sorry to be appearing incommunicado (ten points if anyone gets the music reference – c’mon, surprise me!), but I’ve had my hands full this week, with our ayi on holiday for Spring Festival and my wife still at work. It’s been like Kramer vs. Kramer, without the divorce bit! I’ll get replying and posting again next week: numerous ideas for new posts.


4 thoughts on “Incommunicado

  1. Oh my god, I was groping around for that reference for a long time. It was nagging in the back of my brain but I just couldn’t place it. I knew a guy at college who was a huge Marillion fan. He never managed to convert me. But I suffered through those three or four Fish albums many times.

    My mate briefly had a group of his own doing Marillion/(early)Genesis kind of stuff. The best thing about them was the name: Tressida – a portmanteau of Troilus and Cressida and, as their flyer put it, “almost an anagram of Dire Straits”.

    Still, they did play a couple of shows at the Jericho Tavern, a great Oxford pub venue… round about the same time that On A Friday first started appearing there – which has given the place enormous retrospective kudos. Well, you know, after they grew up and changed their name to Radiohead and became the biggest band in the world.

    It’s one of my biggest regrets in life that I never got to see them back then. Or – even worse! – when I was working back in Oxford in the early ’90s, when they were gearing up to release Pablo Honey, and were still playing The Tav once in a while – under the Radiohead name. There was no information back then, so I’d choose gigs based on the name of the band. I thought Frank Fish & The Fins and Kitchens of Distinction sounded more fun. They were pretty good – but they weren’t young Radiohead.

    • Nice aerial pictures of BJ you linked to the other day, but… I’m sceptical as to whether Beijing really has seven police helicopters. I’m fairly sure they only had two or three until fairly recently – and I’ve only ever seen one.

      And if they had professional photographers on board (hello – those weren’t taken with the onboard video, or by one of the flight crew’s happy-snappers!), the mission wasn’t about public order or whatever.

      Propaganda alert!

      What is the China Buzz agenda?

      Or do they just print any old shit they’re handed without questioning it??

      Also – if this was Chunjie Eve, why are there NO FIREWORKS?

      Enquiring minds want to know.

  2. Yes, 10 points to you – Marillion. One of my uncles gave me the video of them doing Live at Lorely – it’s pretty good. “Incommunicado” is one of the encores.

    The young Radiohead – well, I mean I *like* Radiohead, but I don’t think much of a fair bit of their catalogue – namely Pablo Honey, and post-Amnesiac doesn’t really grab me. Their habitual recent use of breakbeats irritates me.

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