This blog has recently had a big surge in its traffic, so I’d just like to say thanks to those who have been swinging by, in particular Kingtubby and Froog for being such generous commenters. Thanks, all! It’s a bit of a cliche to say a blog is a collaborative effort but when there’s good stuff happening in the comments, it really is true.

Keep on diggin’ what you dig.





5 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. I’ve been to Froog’s site and simply can’t compete in the weirdness dept. Must be that Oxford education.
    Good to see you getting lots of clicks here. I have reasons for visiting this site regularly.
    I visit other sites via your Blog roll, and pls Mike, KingTubby, not Kingtubby who sounds like a very minor potentate without a kingdom.
    You are on my Blog roll as ‘fun stuff’, and at the moment I’m on a mission from god to enlarge my reader base.
    Secondly, I enjoy reading a good musical rant, and yours reads like an earnest confessional outpouring with no shame. No offense,and don’t change your style.
    Finally, I’ve had a gutfull of all the big picture sino-political stuff, cleared my head of the need to conform and pile on. You can almost write the script now on most of the major sites when Hu farts.
    Thus my four pieces on surfing.
    Forget all this China collapse-revolution stuff: what we need is a fucking blog revolution and our own cultural revolution.
    Have I got some candidates for the rope and lamp post.
    Your thoughts squire!
    PS. Don’t ever mention Coldplay again….it will force me to check them out.

  2. I think the ‘weirdness’ is a general Brit thing, KT. Though, if there is one pre-eminent node of the country’s weirdness, I think that would be Cambridge. Then again, a lot of Brits think I’m weird, too. I’m kind of hard to pigeonhole: mother half German, father half Irish; and I’ve spent 65-70% of the last 18 years outside of the UK.

    And that was a post on ‘Albums With Funny Titles’ rather than a post about music as such. Most of my tastes are no more than mildly eccentric; indeed, I worry at times that I’m too middle-of-the-road.

    Mike, you are most welcome to my witterings. It is I who should thank you for providing an outlet for my nostalgia. I must point out, however, that my recent prolific commenting has been a product of the fact that I am laid up at home sick, and have no work in prospect until the other side of Chunjie. When wage slavery beckons again, I may be bludgeoned into silence. “Enjoy” me while you can!

  3. Thanks guys. You are both far more prolific commentors than I am: cheers. I do like Froog’s site (I had seen it before but forgot to bookmark it), weird or not. (Seems quite sane to me). Trouble with too many blogs is that they are just echo-chambers for news, and too few add anything new: Law Blog, China Hearsay and China Geeks mostly are good exceptions. I certainly felt I wasn’t adding much insight. Music is probably my real area of expertise, so fuck it, I’ll blog on that.

  4. Musicology.
    Go for it Big Guy. I’m off line for good in three weeks time. Site and all. Off to tubbyland in the piney woods with truly rs internet connection.
    And by God, will I diss a few sites before I piss off.

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