New Blog

I have had a few goes at blogging previously, and am currently mostly blogging at Laowai Times, where I blather on about Chinese politics.  However, I also want to blather on about books and music and so on, as these things also occupy me a lot of the time, and I will do so here. I think it’s best to keep a blog focused on one topic alone – it would muddy the waters to have me yapping on about films I like or best guitar solos when you want to hear Xi Jinping or the latest fatuous op-ed from Global Times. I also want to try out WordPress, as I’ve previously only used Blogspot, which is looking rather tired these days.

I don’t claim to be especially knowledgeable about any particular art form. However, some of my enthusiasms and passions include: first wave UK punk rock, The Beatles, Philip Larkin, EM Forster, Guns N’ Roses, if…, the KLF, James Kelman, Miles Davis, Pink Floyd, The Godfather films, Performance, Irvine Welsh, Chinatown, the Beats (Ginsberg, Burroughs and Kerouac especially), horror films, Belle and Sebastian, Metallica, Stephen King, Jean Baudrillard, the Velvet Underground, Peter Hennessey, James Clavell, The Smiths, JRR Tolkien, James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, political memoirs and biographies, 1980s heavy metal, Nick Drake, British cinema… and so on.

Generally I like more culty things, as you’ll doubtless be able to tell, and I’m very nerdy about the things I like: I can happily consume minutiae about them all day. But doubtless all will become apparent.


What do you think?

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